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Antoine de Rivarol
We design - we edit                 
publish - distribute it
We design - we edit                 
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About Us

Advertising and information agency “Profile” is engaged in the development, consulting and implementation of projects in the field of communications and marketing. In our work, we pay the greatest attention to the expediency and rationality of activities for our partners, as well as the building of our own stable and professional staff. Individual attitude, creativity, professional approach to each individual project provide a successful result of our work.
By analyzing and understanding the needs of the modern market of communicative services, we have determined for ourselves the following principles of our agency’s activities:

– the nobility of cooperation and the use of modern approaches in work,

– Individual approach and professional approach to each individual project,

– An efficient and easy customer service model.

RIA “Profile” – implements quality events tailored to the needs, style, and areas in which the client works.

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Advertising and information agency "PROFILE"


m. Lviv:                             
Project Coordinator - Irina Tarnницka                             
Tel. Mob .: +38 097 446 98 49                             
E-mail: it@infolviv.eu                             


m. Truskavets:                             
Project Coordinator - Peter Krynitsky                             
Tel.Mob. +38 067 350 30 09                             
E-mail: pk@infolviv.eu                             

Project Coordinator - Bogdan Sheremeta                             
Tel.Mob .: +48 600 605 855                             
E-mail: bs@infolviv.eu                             


Office: street. Zamarstinovskaya, 45/6.                             
Lviv, 79058                             
Tel. +38 (032) 231 78 67                             
E-mail: office@infolviv.eu                             


Multicurrency account at Kredobank PJSC: 2600101339782 Code of the USREOU: 37656039